Thursday, January 17, 2013

17 January 2013

Victoria was able to have chemotherapy today, despite her neutrophils being a bit low. Charlotte came up to the hospital and was an awesome support.
The girls did some craft and played with their barbie dolls during the treatment. At this point in time Victoria is on track to have treatment next week and then will have an off week the first week of school. This will be such a blessing. She is so excited about school.
We also had another visit to the physio. The review showed that the night boot had stretched Victoria's muscles sufficiently that she can now wear her AFO (day splint) again. Another Praise God! Thank you to everyone who was praying for this specific healing.
The physio made another night boot for the right leg, to help those muscles stretch out too. Below is a photo of Victoria at home trying out the night boots. Victoria and Alexandra were watching TV and didn't want to be distracted to the sake of a photo!
Prayer Points
  • The chemotherapy will continue to shrink the tumour.
  • Victoria will be well enough to attend the first 3 days of kindergarten
  • The night boots will continue to stretch her muscles sufficiently

We are feeling confident about the next scan on 29th January, trusting that God has it all under control.
Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and out-stretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.  Jeremiah 32:18
We thank God that as we approach the 2 year anniversary since Victoria's diagnosis, she is well and enjoying every aspect of her life. She even graduated to the next swimming class this week. Victoria Grace, you truly are a conqueror in God's strength.
Thank you again for your continuing prayers and support.
Ken, Wendy, Marshall, Charlotte, Victoria and Alexandra


Sam said...

This blog is such a great idea Wendy. Charlotte looks so grown up. What a wonderful big sister she is. And how funny are Victoria and Alexandra. Love Sam xo

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic Wendy, will be a regular checker-inerer and commenting......Glad to see the boots are making a difference.....Auntie Bhodi