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30 January 2013

Well, what an emotional roller coaster we have been on in the last 48 hours. This scripture certainly sums it up for me...

But you, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. With my voice I cry to the Lord and he hears and answers me out of His holy hill. I lay down and slept! I awaken again, for the Lord sustains me. Psalm 3:2-5

MRI Day - Tuesday 29 January

Tuesday 10am we arrived at the hospital for the day-long process of having the MRI. Children under the age of 7 requiring an MRI have a general anaesthestic to ensure they are completely still.  So Victoria has to fast from 6am that day until after the scan which normally is mid-afternoon.

Thankfully Victoria does not have to stay on the ward whilst waiting for the MRI. We visited the Starlight Express room, where Victoria and Alexandra treated everyone to a song and dance concert...

and did some painting on paper covered balloons, Granny Bett's favourite craft (not)!

Then Alexandra had her first experience with an electronic game gadget!

Whilst we were in the Starlight Express Room I had the opportunity to chat with some other mums with children with cancer.

One Mum, whose daughter had Leukaemia was very apprehensive about returning to school the next day, after 3 Terms of absence. Another mum whose daughter, only about 2.5 years old had had a tumour on her shoulder and 2 in her lungs. She had finished her treatment and was having scans to see if there had been any growth. I salute and honour these mums who have given everything for their children and were still smiling and laughing. It is a very tough journey. Everyone has a story to tell.

After coming out of recovery, Victoria couldn't wait to have a butter sandwich! At 4.45pm we left the hospital, and now wait for the results next week.

First day of Kindergarten - Wednesday 30th January

All was looking good for Victoria's first day of Kindergarten, until she woke up! Victoria was complaining of a headache, probably caused by falling out of bed for the first time ever that previous night. Due to her treatment we are unable to give her pain relief unless advised by the doctor.

As I checked the back of her head, I saw a red patch in amongst her hair. Hair, which is growing back, praise God for that!

The red patch sent me into a panic, as only 2 weeks ago the doctor was telling me to be very careful that Victoria didn't bump her head due to low platelet levels. Even riding a bike as a no no!

Victoria seemed to be ok when she was distracted, so I decided that she could at least go to kindergarten for a couple of hours and then I would take her up to the hospital to get checked out.

I can't express the disappointment that was in my heart. All had been so perfect for a great start to kindergarten. Who would have thought that she would fall out of bed!

However, I had to gather myself together rather quickly to give Victoria the encouragement she needed for a great first morning. 8.45am was Victoria's official starting time on the first day. We were so proud of her.

Due to the head bump, I had planned to pick Victoria up at midday. But by 11am the school had contacted me as Victoria was very distraught about her head. The beautiful teachers, including her Prep teacher from last year had tried to console her, but to no avail. Charlotte had given Victoria all her morning tea and lunch to help her feel better too.

The fears flowed as I drove back to school with a heavy heart. Praise God for the Hillsong worship song, 'Beneath the waters', I am sure all of Belmont could hear me singing it (well really yelling).

So off to the John Hunter Hospital we went. It was very quiet in the Oncology Day Unit, so Victoria could be seen immediately.

After a thorough examination, assurance that the red spot on her head was just the start of a bruise, some panadol was administered. Back to school she went! All was good. Victoria was able to enjoy the last hour of school with her friends, and at dinner last night couldn't wait to tell us all about school. There was no mention of the hospital visit!

As for me, Ken and my mum, we were utterly emotionally exhausted by the days' events.

I am so grateful to God for providing me the scripture psalm 3:3-5 in the morning before these events took place, especially verse 5, I lay down and slept; I awaken again, for the Lord sustains me. Indeed He does sustain me and He so knows what we need before we know ourselves. 

Now we have the challenge of remaining in peace until we get the MRI results next Wednesday. Without God we would most certainly be a fumbling mess for the entire wait! At least with God, we have His strength to help us face each day and live with hope.

Prayer Points
1. Victoria can complete this first week of kindergarten without any more hospital visits
2. We can remain in God's peace as we wait for the results
3. For His peace and love to reign in the hearts of other families who are on this similar journey.

Many many thanks again for all your prayers and support. Every day we rely more and more on our heavenly father to sustain us.

HNE Matters

A friend, Jenny, recently told us there was a photo of Victoria and another little boy in the January edition of the Hunter New England Health Matters Magazine. The story was about the Christmas activities at the John Hunter.

When you click on the link, just open the pdf file.

I normally get a copy of this publication when we are at the hospital, and find it fascinating to read about all the great initiatives that are being undertaken here in the Hunter in all aspects of healthcare. It has opened my eyes to yet another new group of amazing, intelligent and caring people.


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