Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 February 2013

Well, today has been one of those days when I just wanted to scream, why can't life be easy and simple?????
The scripture God gave me this morning as I was doing my devotions was from 2 Timothy 1:7, For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, or craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and of well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control. AMP
Well, I will say upfront, I certainly needed to call on that spirit of calm, well-balanced mind, discipline and self-control today.
On the way to the appointment with the neurosurgeon to get the results of Victoria's scan my car broke down. It just stopped in the middle of the traffic. I buried my head in my hands and howled.
Thankfully, and believe me it was difficult to find something to be thankful for, I was only 100 metres from Ken's office, so he was able to come and 'rescue' me. Ken, with the help of another man, pushed the car to the side of the road. Then I commandeered Ken's car and sped (within the speed limit of course) off to school to pick up Victoria, and then to the appointment.
Finally we made it to the neurosurgeon's office, 30 minutes late, only to wait another hour before seeing him. The wait actually gave me time to gather myself together! Thankfully I had that time, as the scan results were ok, but not what we had hoped and prayed for.
The scans indicate that the tumour is stable. This means the chemotherapy is holding it at its current size, for which are very grateful. This report, of course is better than having the tumour growing. However it does mean that other options will have to be investigated. We will find out more about those options tomorrow when we meet with the Oncologist.
We thank God that despite her circumstances Victoria is so loving her life. She is having a great time at kindergarten, excelling at swimming lessons and is eagerly awaiting starting Girls Brigade next week. Taking the bus to and from school is definitely a highlight in her day!
For those who are interested, and it can make for some scary reading, I came across this very good description of the tumour that is in Victoria's brain. It is in the glioma  category, and is a Grade 1 pilocytic astrocytoma, located in her brain stem. This information is from the Advanced Psychological website in the USA.  Note, when we speak about the tumour, we say "the tumour in Victoria's brain", rather than Victoria's tumour, as we do not believe that the tumour belongs to Victoria. It has absolutely no right to be in her brain, in Jesus Name.

The website provides a good description of the treatment options for this type of tumour.
If you do foray into these websites, please keep in mind, that whilst they describe the situation and options, they of course don't take into account God's sovereignty and His healing power. It is God who we choose to put our faith in.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds like a very intense day. Will go and have a look at that website and information. I responded in the blog from most recent to this one and have just read the way you would like to refer to it as 'the tumour in Victoria's brain' instead of the other way. I will be mindful of this in the instant future.
Lots of Love, Auntie Michelle.......