Tuesday, May 21, 2013

21st May 2013

Yesterday we got a sniff of another victory regarding Victoria's health and well-being! Praise the Lord. In December last year at an appointment with Vision Australia, I asked if Victoria's loss of left field vision was permanent. The response took a while to come and was very considered, "You will have to ask the Ophthalmic surgeon that question."
Well, yesterday we had an appointment with the Ophthalmic surgeon. He conducted various tests on Victoria's eyes, and then said, "Her sight has potentially improved." I didn't have to ask THAT question.
I nearly fell off my chair, and I asked him, "Do you mean she can now see more things on the left?" He replied that, "some re-learning is possible in children, their brain can restore this function, unlike adults."
I give praise to our wonderful creator for the way He has created this amazing body we inhabit. Please pray that Victoria's left field vision will continue to improve until it is fully restored.

The doctor also observed, as have the hippotherapy people, that Victoria is compensating for the remaining loss by moving her eyes more, naturally scanning more to the left.

We choose to believe that we will see many more physical victories for Victoria, and we choose to continue to claim 2 Timothy 4v18 over her life ...[And indeed] the Lord will certainly deliver and draw me to Himself from every assault of evil. He will preserve and bring me safe unto His heavenly kingdom. To Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen


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Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news, I am so happy to hear that news, she is such a strong little person.....Congratulations to you all.....Love Always, Auntie Michelle.....