Tuesday, May 7, 2013

7th May 2013

On Sunday Victoria gave me a stark reminder of the thoughts that are in her head and that all she has had to cope with, especially during the chemotherapy treatment. She was sitting in the kitchen, holding her dolly Sophie. There was a pile of Sophie's hair on the floor. I inquired as to why she had cut Sophie's hair. The response was, 'Now she looks like me'.

I turned away as I felt the tears start to come. Wow, because Victoria is coping so well, it is easy to forget that she still has to face many things each day, such as the fact that all the girls around her, including me, her sisters and friends have long hair. Whilst her hair is growing, for which we are very grateful to God, on Monday morning before school, Victoria informed me that it wasn't growing fast enough!
Please pray that Victoria will have patience as she waits for her hair to grow and continues to live with the left side weakness.

Friday morning was the first session of hippotherapy. What a wonderful way to finish the week, seeing Victoria so enjoying herself, surrounding by such loving, caring people, all working together to help her.

Victoria herself was thrilled to be there again, and couldn't wait to give Wedge a pat.

Please continue to pray that she will be able to attend each hippotherapy session and that there will be improvements in her walking.

The rest of today's blog entry it a photo essay of the awesome day we had on Sunday at Stockton Beach. The day is organised by Camp Quality, with everything (cars, lunch, sand boarding etc) provided by local four wheel driving clubs. We all had a fantastic day. A special thanks to Chris and Ken Hall who made arrangements so we could all travel in their car together, rather than being split by 2 cars. It was a very memorable day!
 Marshall starts the day off with a tree climb, whilst we wait for the car to be set up.
Ken and Chris had tea and coffee on hand when we stopped for a break at the Sigma wreck.
Alexandra strikes a pose in front of the Sigma.
Victoria does some digging on the beautiful Stockton beach.
The next stop was one of the lagoons back in the sand-dunes, part of the Worimi conservation lands.
A member of the Worimi mob gave a talk about various things made from the bush, bush food and playing the didgeridoo.
Marshall volunteered to try some bush tucker. When asked what it tasted like, he tactfully said, "Mum's cooking."
After lunch it was time for some sand-boarding. Marshall and Alexandra teamed up.
And down they went!
Charlotte and Victoria teamed up.
And off they went, Charlotte had the breaks on!
Then there was the mighty climb back up the dune!
Marshall finished the day with one final leap off the dune!
We had a great family day, out enjoying this magnificent country we are so blessed to live in. We are so blessed to be part of an organisation like Camp Quality, who know exactly what families in our situation need to help make it through each day.
Please pray that Victoria will continue to be well despite the chemotherapy treatment, and that her immunity will remain high. And most importantly that she will know the truth of this scripture, no matter where she is or who she is with, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." 1 Joshua 1v9

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had such a wonderful day out on your outing and I imagine everyone had a good sleep when they got home.....Camp Quality are such a blessing and it always makes me so happy when I hear you are off to do something with Camp Quality because I know how positive it will be for all of you......It is amazing how children will find creative ways to deal with life and giving Sophie a haircut sounds like a perfect solution but still I can understand how that must be quiet heart-wrenching......You are doing such a fantastic job and are an amazing mum.....these blogs are always very inspiring and I am so proud of you all. Wish I was there to give you all a giant big hug.....Love always Auntie Michelle.....