Sunday, August 4, 2013

4th August 2013

This photo says it all! 

We made it! After a shaky start on Saturday, with Alexandra at the doctors early in the am, we finally left for Sydney at about 4pm. The Starlight Children's Foundation kindly added a travel day to either end of our trip, including a night's accommodation in Sydney. They have been so thoughtful and thorough with everything to ensure Victoria has the best experience possible. This extra night certainly made the travel a lot easier. 

Today was a big travel day, leaving Sydney on a 7am flight for Melbourne. We took all possible precautions with Victoria. There was no way she was not going to get to the snow! Upon arriving in Melbourne we got the Mt Buller Ski Express for the 3 hour drive to Mt.Buller. We were certainly not disappointed as we drove up the mountain and the children got their first glimpse of the snow. There were plenty of squeals of delight in the coach. There was 15 cm of snow today!

The Starlight Children's Foundation have arranged accommodation at the amazing Breathtaker All Suite Hotel. This is the view at the entrance of the hotel! After checking out the hotel, it took us about an hour to get kitted up for the snow, and then out we went exploring ....

... and Marshall thought it would be fun to eat the snow!

It as been such an awesome day. Everyone is very tired, but full of great memories already.Thank you to everyone who has 'prayed us here'. Please continue to pray that everyone remains well and Alexandra's cold will not spread to anyone else.

We are so absolutely grateful to the Starlight Children's Foundation for granting Victoria her wish. It was just so precious to see her jumping, sliding and rolling in the snow today.

It is movie month in September for the Starlight Foundation. They are featuring Victoria's story to encourage people to get involved in fundraising during movie month. Please click on this link if you want to find out more about it, link to Starlight Movie Month page.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see you all having so much fun at the snow. Have a great week all together and with the snow.....look forward to more fun piccies......
Love Always,
Auntie Michelle and Tuwsdagh

Anonymous said...

Wonderful that Victoria got her "wish". So glad you all stayed well and had such a great time together..
Love and prayers continue
Sally Cleland