Saturday, March 16, 2013

15 March 2013

God's blessing and favour is on us despite our circumstances. We have just had 4 nights away courtesy of the Starlight Children's foundation and NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Park. These organisations really understand the value of families "getting away" just to  be a family having fun.

It was an absolute joy to have so much time just to 'be' with our children and marvel at how resilient they are. And how loving and caring they can be towards each other most of the time! Riding in the buggies was a display of this, as Marshall drove Victoria and Charlotte drove Alexandra.

Victoria and Alexandra thought that they would have ago together,. They didn't get to go anywhere, their legs weren't quite long enough.

As the four of them road down the path together, I wanted to yell out, "God is good, these children are a testimony of His goodness." 

This morning God gave me this scripture in relation to our children,  God is with them, and they're with him, shouting praises to their King. God bought them out of Egypt rampaging like a wild ox. Numbers 23:21-22. I am standing on that verse.
Wednesday of course Victoria had chemotherapy back at the John Hunter Hospital. As we drove there from the Central Coast, it made me think about those families who have to drive that distance of further each week once or twice for treatment. I again thanked God that we were living in close proximity to a hospital able to provide the treatment Victoria needed when she was first diagnosed.

It was very quiet in the Day Unit, we were the only ones there. The children were able to make themselves at home! Victoria was well enough to have chemotherapy this week. The doctors were concerned about an infection in her arm. Thankfully after prayer and antibiotics, when we returned for to the hospital for a check up yesterday, the infection appeared to be going.

Changing treatment day to Wednesday has many advantages, including easier access to the psychologist assigned to the paediatric oncology department. The topic of conversation this week was Victoria's adjustment to moving from the safe environments of home, hospital and prep into the big wide world of school.
An insight into how Victoria currently views herself came from this conversation at the camp ground. We were sitting next to a father and his son. We were putting on Victoria's socks, splint and shoes, when Victoria volunteered this information to the father,  "This is my splint. It helps me walk better. I feel weird because I have a splint." Thankfully the gracious father responded by saying, "It is just part of you."

Please pray for us as we help Victoria to understand that she is not weird, she is just different and that is ok.  And more importantly that she will believe that her heavenly father says she is "wonderfully and fearfully made". Psalm 139:14

Once again I thank God for this time away, as these sorts of conversations and valuable insights don't happen in the hub-bub of normal life, or can easily be missed in the 'circus' that is the Robinson household.

This last photo is a testimony of the healing that is happening in Victoria's body. The strength in her legs continues to increase as she runs and jumps effortlessly up and down the jumping pillow. Freedom!

Prayer Points
1. Victoria will know in her heart that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.
2. The infection will continue to disappear
3. Peace to reign in our hearts as the next scan draws closer (16th April).


Crinau said...

Glad you all had a wonderful time at the camp. Great photo of the kids on their bikes in the distance too.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear and see you all had such a wonderful time on your holidays, they are quite a blessing......Good to see Marshall and Charlotte doing such a great job riding the buggies.....Glad the chemo went well and that they are onto the infection in Victoria's arm.......Fantastic that the father dealt so well with Victoria's comment and also great that she felt confident enough to express.....Luckily each person is different and special for who they are......
Lots of Love, Auntie Michelle......