Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9th April 2013


Victoria enjoyed a great morning at school last week, at the Kings and Queens' morning. Although with this home-made crown, Marshall wondered if she was going to audition for the role of Pope!
Unfortunately, Victoria couldn't get to stay the whole day at school as she had an infection on her leg which needed hospital attention (so we didn't get to have a hospital-free week). One bonus during the hospital visit, was that Victoria got the opportunity to meet a special dog that was bought into hospital to add some joy to the children's day.
On Friday at school Victoria gave a presentation to her class, taking them on a journey into her other world, the hospital. Victoria told the class about her Wednesday hospital activities. She also explained to her class how they could help her out physically at school. I was so proud of Victoria, especially when she explained to her class how it was helpful if they walked on her left side so she didn't bump into things, and if they didn't know which was her left side, they just had to look at which leg had the splint on. She is such a brave and courageous child.  
'You live from scan to scan.'
These were some of the first words I heard from a parent with a child living with cancer, when Victoria was diagnosed. At the time I heard these words I really had no idea what they meant.
After Victoria had had a few scans I understood what these words meant. When I gained that understanding, I started living from 'scan to scan'. I would find myself getting more and more anxious as the scan date drew closer, and even more nervous as we waited the week or so after the scan to find out what the results were. Then once, we knew the results, I would relax into 'normal life' for a couple of months, before starting on the anxiety treadmill again. And so the cycle repeated itself every 3 months for the past 2 years. This was not an emotionally healthy cycle for me.
Now I find myself with a different understanding, thanks to a scripture I read last week from The Message bible. In Ephesians 2 v1b, it says, 'You let the world, which doesn't know the first thing about living, tell you how to live'
For a few days I meditated on this verse, before I began to fully understand what God was trying to say to me. I had the revelation that God wants me to live each day in His rest, regardless of what is happening on that day, regardless of what is spoken to me that day, and regardless of how I feel on that day. Now that is a big ask given our circumstances, but I fully believe that God can help me get to the point where I can live each day like that, and no longer live 'from scan to scan'.  I would appreciate your prayers as I pursue God's perfect rest, peace and joy for every day.

Victoria and Charlotte are off to a Camp Quality camp this weekend, so could you please pray for complete health for both girls in the next few days and during the camp. It is such a wonderful opportunity for them both.

Many thanks for your wonderful on-going support in so many ways.  


Corinne said...

Yeah I can see why Marshall thought Victoria looked like the Pope. Funny.
Good on Victoria doing her speech in class about what she has to do at hospital. I could understand the kids would be curious. I bet they were very attentive.

Anonymous said...

Tell Victoria that I love her crown, but I have to admit like Marshall it does look a little Popey.....but very regal.....Love Auntie Michelle....